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Replacing your sliding glass door rollers

sliding door roller replacement

If your sliding glass door rollers are worn out you will start to discover that the door is becoming much more difficult to slide open or close. This issue is far more common dual pane patio doors. Why this happens is because the doors weigh more because of the dual pane tempered glass. Over time the weight bearing down on the sliding glass door roller axles start to wear and then the roller binds causing the rollers to fail.

Sliding Glass Door Roller Replacement, the Only way to Fix a  Sliding Glass Door That’s Hard to Open or Close.

If you are struggling to with your sliding glass door because it feels really heavy, or it’s like it is stuck on the track needing all your strength just to move it a few feet just so you can get through it? Chances are the rollers are worn out, have collapsed or are seized solid. Your sliding glass door should be able to glide freely, with the rollers taking all the weight of the door when they stop working you are literally having to drag the door across the track.

Sliding Door Rollers – Worn out Track?

We fix sliding glass door rollers, track and locks
We fix sliding glass door rollers, track and locks

One other issue can arise from having worn out sliding glass door rollers is the track starts to get worn out because the door rollers are now being dragged along the track, thus slowly shaving bits of metal off the track over time.

As well as replacing the sliding glass door rollers, it is possible the track may need attention too! Window repair man can re-cap the old worn out track with a new piece to make your sliding door glide with one finger

How to Replace Sliding Door Rollers That are Worn out

In order to replace the sliding door rollers that are worn out, you need to remove the sliding door panel from it’s opening. Sometimes, the fixed glass door panel will need to be removed so that the sliding door panel can come out. There’s a very simple way to figure out if your fixed door panel needs to come out also. If your sliding glass door runs on the inside track with the fixed door panel on the outer track, you normally have to remove both door panels, as the sliding door panel needs removing from the outside. Reason being there’s a lip on the lower track in your house. That lip prevents water from entering into the house, however, that lip usually too high to raise the sliding door panel up and out thus it has to be removed the hard way.

Therefore, you need to remove the fixed door panel first, and then lift out the sliding glass door from the outside. If you’re one of the very few people who’ve a sliding door on the outer track, you’ll be able to lift your sliding door out without needing to remove the fixed door panel. Some of the newer vinyl sliding doors do allow for the sliding door to be removed from the inside, without needing to remove the fixed door panel, there will be stops that need to be located and removed so the door has room above to raise up and over the track.

So, let’s assume you’ll need to remove the fixed door panel first. Here’s what you need to do: Take out the screen door if there is one. Your screen door should have two rollers on the bottom and two on the top. On the sides there should be a small hole with and adjustment screw inside. Loosen the top two screws and lift the bottom of the door up, you will see the lower rollers these need to be eased over the track using a putty knife. If there is not enough room you will need to loosen the lower adjustment screws so the rollers are up inside the screen door frame. Remove the screen door and set it aside.

Now, see if there’s a metal piece on the lower track that running from the lower corner of the fixed glass panel right across to the bottom of the side door jamb that has the doors lock hardware. If the door is very old that piece may be missing. If you have one, you’ll need to pry it up and remove it from the track. It’s snapped in place although it appears like it’s a part of the track. After you have that item removed, you need to look indoors where the fixed panel is up against the wall jamb. Try to find screws holding the frame to the jamb. They often have one near to the top and bottom corners, then one towards the centre. Remove the screws and put them somewhere safe. You should now be able to pull the fixed panel out from the side jamb. There’s a great possibility that it’ll be stuck. If so, simply grab the centre rail towards the bottom lifting up as hard as possible. Should you the panel rise, pull it down again. Do that a few times, and then try to pull away from the side jamb again. This normally frees it up enough to get it out. In case it still will not come out, you’ll have to put a thin putty knife or screwdriver between your fixed panels frame and the side jamb then pry, whilst getting a helper to pull the panel out of the jamb. When you get it free from the side jamb remove that panel from the track and place it with the screen door.

Now, you can try lifting the slider up and out, as you did with the fixed door panel. If the sliding door won’t clear the lower track, there’s a couple of things you need to do first. First, find out if the old sliding door rollers are sticking out at the bottom thus stopping the door from being removed, or maybe the bottom of the doors frame is catching on the track. Most of the time, it will be the existing rollers. However, if the door opening is wide, at times the wooden header running across the opening has sagged in the middle, making it tight in the middle of the opening. If it is the rollers, you’ll need to adjust them up into the door. Locate the hole on the bottom side where you’ll find the adjustment screw. Simply turn that screw counterclockwise as much as you can.

Do that on both sides of the door, and then try removing the door. If you’re still having issues, have a helper lift on one side and pull out whilst you attempt to pry the door frame and rollers across the track. When you get one side out, get your helper block that side with their foot to avoid it from slipping back. Whilst they do that you to pry the other side free. Sometimes it may be necessary to jack up gently the header to create just enough space so the door panel can be removed.

Identify the Sliding Door Rollers so you can get Replacements

Once you have the sliding glass door out, most sliding door rollers are held in position by the same screw which keeps the door corners together. So, you’ll need to put the panel on it’s side, take out the screw in the corner, then flip the panel over removing other screw in the bottom corner. Now, take a rubber mallet and a small piece of wood, then tap the bottom of the frame away from the glass. This gives you access to your sliding door rollers. Pay attention to how they are positioned in the door frame. Actually, it’s wise to only take out one roller to match for the new sliding door rollers. Then, once you get new replacement door rollers, you can use the still in place roller as a reference when fitting the new ones.

Stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Home Hardware sometimes carry a small selection of the sliding glass door rollers in the marketplace. So, you might be able to locate the right roller. However, if you can’t find the right replacement sliding door rollers anywhere and live in and around Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Mississauga or Grimsby why not call us to come and replace your sliding door rollers?