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Services We Offer

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From window repairs to foggy glass replacement, if you have issues with your windows or sliding glass doors we can help. A quick call is all it takes to find out if a repair will work for you.

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If you are having issues with your windows not opening or closing, or if they drop down like a guillotine when you try to open them we can help. Our window repair technicians are able to fix most window issues.

  • Windows not opening or closing properly
  • Worried your window is about to fall out or has fallen out of the frame? You may need new hinges
  • Single or double hung windows will not stay open when you lift them up?
  • Window not closing properly cold air is getting in?
  • Foggy windows, we can replace the glass and even improve the efficiency
  • Window latches or locks not working?


Mobile screen repair service that comes to you. No need to attempt to re-screen your windows or screen door we can do it for you.

  • Mobile screen repair service
  • We can re-screen window or sliding screen doors
  • Choose regular fiberglass mesh or pet-friendly that's 5x stronger mesh
  • Sliding screen door parts available, rollers, corners, locks & handles
  • Pet doors can be fitted for small to medium dogs
  • Custom sliding screen doors can be made to size, choice of colours
  • Keep the bugs out
window crank replacement


If your window is not opening or closing, if the crank handle just turns but does not move the window, you may need window crank replacement

  • We carry the most popular window cranks and can get most cranks or make one work.
  • Identify any window issues before replacing the window crank
  • Replacement window crank handles, these wear out too
  • Window crank dropping out of its track? A really simple fix is to bend the arm up higher than the track
  • Window crank not available? We may be able to fit an alternative
  • Window parts available for many windows


We replace broken window hinges so you feel safe knowing your window will not fall out of the frame

  • Rusted out window hinges
  • Window hanging off the frame due to strong winds
  • Window hinge worn out and afraid it will fall out
  • Window not closing but the window crank is working fine
  • We can replace most casement window hinges
  • Fast window hinge replacement service
  • 12 months warranty on window hinge replacement
window hinge replacement


Do you struggle to open  your sliding glass door? You are not alone this is a common problem, as doors age the rollers become worn and siezed. Roller replacement will make your door glide so much easier you’ll be glad you called us

  • We use the best quality steel rollers instead of cheap nylon rollers
  • Track replacement if the rollers have done too much damage
  • Slide your door open and closed with 1 finger
  • No more struggling to get in and out
  • No need to replace your sliding door


Foggy windows or broken glass we can replace them with new glass units

  • We renew your view by replacing your foggy/broken window panes
  • Improve your windows energy efficiency with Low-e coating, warm edge spacer & Argon gas
  • 5 year warranty on all glass units replaced
  • We try to identify issues with the window that could cause issues
  • Replacing the whole glass thermal unit is the best way to fix foggy windows
foggy window repair service
patio door lock replacement-service


Are you using a piece of wood to keep your door locked? We can replace your old lock to secure your door for better peace of mind

  • Sliding door lock replacement for peace of mind security
  • No need for hockey sticks or pieces of 2x4 to try to prevent the door being opened
  • We carry the best, most secure replacement lock on the market
  • Worry-free sliding door lock replacement service
  • Stop your door from being removed from the outside


Dryer vent cleaning, dryer cleaning and vent installation, if your dryer is taking longer to dry each load you may need your vent cleaning? We also install dryer vents and holes through brick walls

  • Clothes dryer faster & bills get lower
  • Reduces the risk of a dryer fire
  • Professional dryer vent installation
  • Pest proof vent cap to keep out visitors
  • Airflow test to determine if there is a problem with the vent
  • Peace of mind package we clean the vent and inside the dryer