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I have been told that parts for my window are no longer available, and new windows is the solution

Whilst this could be true, it might not be the case or there may be other similar window parts that may work in place. Window companies are not in the business of fixing broken windows they want to sell you new replacement windows.

My windows open but just before fully closed there is no response from the crank?

This is typically the window crank that is the issue, but it might not be the case. Sometimes the home has shifted and this causes the window to distort. We try to identify any issues with a window before replacing any window cranks. There is no point replacing a window crank if the window needs so much force to close it. We will identify and try to address these issues before any window parts are replaced.

My window does not close properly even though the lock is closed.

This is typically a window hinge issue, if the window hinge is out of it’s track then the window will be out of alignment. We replace both upper and lower hinges so they are both new. There is no point replacing just one hinge as the other will most likely fail soon.

My wooden window sills are rotten and need repair, do you repair them?

Sorry we do not replace rotton wood on windows, this is just something we have decided we want to offer due to the time it takes and not being carpenters.

My window has become foggy, can you remove the fog or mist?

Foggy windows or misty windows are a sign of seal failure and the proper way to fix this is to replace the whole double pane unit! Try searching for reviews of companies that offer to drill the window and remove the fog, the reviews are  poor. So at window repair man and other similar companies the only way to remove the fog is by replacing the glass.

My sliding glass door is so heavy to open, should I replace it or could you fix the door?

We can fix most sliding glass doors that are hard to open or close. We replace the rollers and sometimes the track we will re-cap it. Your door will glide like new when we finish doing our repairs.

My dryer is taking a long time to dry each load, do I need to replace the dryer?

No, you should not need to replace your dryer but you may want to have your dryer vent cleaned. Our sister company Dryer Vent Cleaner are experts in dryer vent cleaning  and dryer vent installation. If your dryer has heat and the drum turns we can improve your drying times and reduce the risk of a dryer fire.

My Screen door does not work properly after someone walked through it, can you fix it?

Most of the time yes we can! We carry parts for most screen doors and can replace screen mesh, rolers and internal corners. Too many times customers call us after throwing away a screen door after it got damaged. As long as the frame is ok and not creased, we can straighten and re-screen the dor. If corners are broken they too can be replaced. There are some poor doors out there like those from the box stores, but most are good and if broken we can fix.

On the rare occasion you need a replacement screen door we can make a custom  screen door in the colour of your choice (or as close as).


My Sliding door no longer locks are you able to replace the lock?

Yes we can get replacement locks for most sliding glass doors, or we can install our new cal – lock that double bolt locks and prevents doors being lifted up.

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